The intersection of our vision, dreams, beliefs and reality. We are taking back the lineage of what they have stolen. We also acknowledge our immediate ancestors who used the Rhodes piano to create soul music.

Our logo captures the intersection of 4 elements of life for  what it means to be human, men, black, fathers, lovers, believers in God and artists.

The Gun

The Gun reflects the fact that we see our art and community at the CrossRhodes of both the living and dying by the gun BLM movement about violence against our community and the continued work we have to do about the violence we inflict on each other within our community


The Heart reflects the love which is at the root Tof our music and the movement we are building as men who love, feel care and struggle

Beautiful Struggle

The fist reflects the beauty and power of our commitment to our struggle. WE understand that we come from a long tradition of elders, and ancestral arts. A legacy which we have an obligation to continue, transform, and pass on to the next generation.

The Microphone

The microphone reflects our art, culture, and music which when crossed with love and conciousness is what can you to teach, heal and rebuild our community,

-Minister of Domestic and International of the CrossRhodes